XPRIZE joins Steering Committee on AI and Media Integrity

Sep 13 2019

Neama Dadkhahnikoo

XPRIZE is proud to announce that it is joining the Partnership on AI’s Steering Committee on AI and Media Integrity. The Steering Committee's first project will be the oversight and governance of the Deepfakes Detection Challenge from Facebook and Microsoft.

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has shown great promise as a transformational tool to bring about positive social change. However, AI has also been used to negatively impact society. The problem of AI-driven misinformation and manipulation, along with the growing concerns around media credibility, authenticity, and provenance have demonstrated a need for tech companies, media organizations, civil society, and research institutes to take a proactive approach to tackling misinformation and data provenance.

Over the past year, XPRIZE has worked with partner organizations such as the Partnership on AI, the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and other technology and media stakeholders to develop projects and incentivized prize competitions that will help address this important social issue. The Deepfakes Detection Challenge is the first of many AI-related projects that XPRIZE intends to support in the area of misinformation and data provenance. The XPRIZE model is uniquely suited to drive innovation and collaboration between technology platforms, media organizations, and innovative problem solvers from all around the world. And as we tackle these grand challenges in the coming months and years, we hope you will join us in making sure that AI is used for the good of people everywhere.


Neama Dadkhahnikoo