Dr. David Ginley

Dr. David Ginley

Research Fellow, NREL

David S. Ginley's current activities are in the areas of the general class of defective transition metal oxides including high temperature superconductors, LiTMO2 rechargeable Li battery materials, ferroelectric materials, transparent conducting oxides and electrochromic materials. Another focus of his work is on the development of new nanomaterials for organic electronics and as biofilters etc.

Dr. Ginley's work is directed primarily at the development of new atmospheric processing approaches to photovoltaics. 

Some of Dr. Ginley's work in progress is on the development of high quality materials (single crystal films) by pulsed laser deposition, sputtering, IBAD, and characterization of the materials in the doped and undoped states by optical and transport measurements. In addition to developing a fundamental understanding of the interrelationship of structure and electronic

properties, Dr. Ginley and his research group are applying what they learn to improved devices, i.e. batteries, frequency agile electronics, photovoltaics, electrochromics and flat panel displays. To transition these results to more practical approaches, they are investigating the development of nonvacuum, direct writeable electronic materials. This is done through the development of nanoparticulate and ink based precursors. This involves the synthesis of the nanoparticles, development of inks and ink deposition techniques, derivation of a fundamental understanding of the sintering behavior of nanoparticles and the evolution of the bulk structural and electronic properties.